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Is online sex really cheating?

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Thursday, 02 April 2009 15:04

After having an illicit online affair via virtual community Second Life, British man David Cornwall now faces divorce proceedings.

As his web of sordid cyber sex unravels, users of thesun.co.uk have been debating whether a wandering eye on the net is as bad as real world two-timing. Is it a bit of harmless hi-tech hi-jinks, or should you be worried if a lover spends more time on a keyboard and mouse than between the sheets?

Several users take Mrs Cornwall's side: "While he hasn't done anything PHYSICALLY, he's been cheating on her mentally. For women, emotional infidelity is worse than sexual straying."

A popular opinion is that there are no two ways about it: "It's a person they are chatting up so they must want to sleep with them."

Some users even have first-hand knowledge of this: "My partner pretended to be a lesbian in Second Life and was having cybersex with various other 'lesbians' while I slept in the same room. I lost trust in my partner and even now 18 months later it is still missing. Who can say if we will ever get it back?"

Is e-cheating the future?

Now that people spend more and more time using the internet to socialise, has it changed the boundaries of bad behaviour?

Some argue that a marriage torn asunder so easily probably wasn't meant to be: "This couple can't have the strongest relationship in the world if a video game can split them up!"

It's easy to see why they find the whole thing makes a mockery of matrimony: "What if she had caught him in bed with a rubber doll? It just makes you laugh to think what the divorce courts are going to make of it all. Family planning by internet?"

While in the vocal minority, there are still some users who think it's all a big fuss over nothing: "Second Life? They need to GET a life! Romancing a fantasy avatar is no worse than, say, admitting he has a crush on Catherine Zeta-Jones or someone like that."

What do you think? Are we choosing broadband over the bedroom? If you worry that your partner is cheating on you online, consider using special PC data loggers to check exactly what they are up to - just plug it into their computer for 30 seconds to install a hidden piece of software which tracks online activity and even take screen shots at regular intervals.

Devices like this doesnt even need to stay attached, just reinsert the USB stick at a later date to retrieve everything so you can take it away and examine the logs at your convenience to really discover the truth.

Source: thesun.co.uk



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