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USB Voice Recorder

covert usb recorder - product image This spy recorder is a fantastic product.  It's so simple to use.  You just would not believe it was anything other than a standard memory stick.  You can use it as a memory stick but the clever design has a discreet spy recorder in it.  It can capture audio over a 20ft radius!

It has a lovely stylish brushed silver finish and can be carried around on your keyring for easy access and it has been designed for simplicity with plug and play technology.

There are NO markings or flashing lights on our memory stick whatsoever - it is designed to be completely discreet and totally silent in operation with just a single slide switch for its entire working mechanism. You can record for 4.5 continuous hours as one long audio file or record separate audio files for a total of 4.5 hours. If you forget to stop the recording, the Covert USB voice recorder will automatically store the files in WAV format at the end of its power supply so you do not lose any important data.

To recharge the device and/ or playback the stored recordings simply insert the datastick into your PC and it will automatically open the Windows Media Player. The recordings can also be saved to your PC or emailed in seconds.

Our USB listening devices are now upgraded.

1. Boosted Audio Bit-Rate. Recordings have never been clearer! Now with 4 times the audio quality.

2. Super Fast Record Activation. Slide and record has never been easier! Recordings are started instantly and silently.

3. Auto Save Feature. Audio recordings are automatically saved to the USB Datastick's internal flash memory before the battery drains. No loss of important evidence.

4. Hidden LED Indicator. The USB Datastick will tell you the charging process via red to green illumination once connected to your PC. No more guesswork.

This Covert USB DataStick Voice Recorder is an example of our quality workmanship. It is completely discreet and silent in operation and can be carried with full confidence. The quality really needs to be seen and heard. This is engineering at it's best.


  • High quality USB Datastick

  • Brushed silver design

  • Totally silent operating mechanism

  • A discreet slide button controls the entire operation

  • Recording Time - 4.5hrs in WAV format

  • Charging Time - 2 - 3hrs

  • Recording Distance - 20ft

  • 2GB data storage capacity

  • 33hrs audio storage capacity

  • Ultra quick start recording

  • No indication of voice recording in process

  • Hidden LED turns from red to green to indicate charging process

  • High sensitivity German manufactured microphone

  • In-built fully rechargeable 220MAh/ 3.7V Lithium battery

  • Charging Voltage - 5.1V

  • USB Transmission Speed - USB 2.0/ 960kbps

  • Recording Bit Rate - 128kbps

  • Rec Audio Sample Rate - 32Khz

  • Frequency Range - 20Hz - 20KHz

  • Output Power - 4mW + 4mW

  • Maximum Recording Files - 200

  • Dimensions - 64 x 20 x 8mm

  • Charging Temp - 0 - 40 degrees

  • Operating Temp - 5 - 40 degrees

  • Operating System - supports all operating systems including Windows Vista

  • Supplied in a beautiful satin presentation box with clear instruction booklet

Product : 005 | USB Data stick recorder | Price/Unit : GBP 65.19


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