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Lie Detector

Sometimes, the only way to be absolutely certain you can trust your partner, especially if they have had an affair, is to ask them to take a lie detector test.  We offer this service to you as we want to give you producs and services to give you facts to deal with your situation, or to offer you peace of mind.  If you are worried about infidelity and need to be reassured, contact us about our lie detector service.

Professional Lie detector service

Request-a-professional-lie-detector-testThere are occasions when the most open way to resolve relationship or family issues is for the people involved to take completely unbiassed polygraph lie detector test.

Spy Supermarket can help you to arrange a session with a credible UK based Polygraph company whose portfolio of previous work includes providing lie detection expertise for the Trisha Goddard show on channel five along with highly confidential polygraph tests for both corporate entities and private individuals.

Consider using a lie detector service for:

  • Infidelity testing

  • Family disputes

  • Truth verification

  • False accusations

  • Drug use verification

  • Domestic abuse

All examiners use the latest state of the art instruments with extensive training in the most up to date techniques and are members of the prestigious "British and European Polygraph Association" (BEPA). Polygraph testing is carried out in a low profile, friendly and non-accusatory interview process with a level of discretion and professionalism which can be relied on for excellent results.

A typical lie detector session will take 2-3 hours and costs £550.

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