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Plinth - Hidden Video Camcorder with Motion detection

This hidden camera is easily mistaken for a simplistic black box and placed in any environment. The item is cleverly incorporated with a full high resolution recording camera and supplementary audio.

The set up is fairly simple and it can be placed in a location most convenient to you. The most ideal place the product can be placed is on a Black Box table/shelf and additionally used as supportive stand for a suitable object e.g. ornament, vase of flowers. The black box is completely transportable and easily one of the smartest spy video cameras designed. All video footage is complimented with a time and date stamp as evidential substantiation.

The black box can easily blend in any environment, making it completely invisible for anyone to suspect it as a hidden camera. The item can be sat upright or placed on a flat surface depending on conditions and what is preferable for you, however, the item also comes with mounting brackets to fix to a wall for concealed observations.

There are multiple recording modes such as manual recording; schedule recording and motion detection recording and these are stored to a removable hidden SD card which can be played back through your computers media player. An alternative way to watch the footage is directly through your TV.

The black box operates from a fully rechargeable internal lithium battery providing power to record for over 7hrs, and when not recording, the unit goes into a deep sleep conserving battery power.

The black box is a tremendous gadget contributing excellent portability, consistency and very impressive video and audio quality accompanied with a time and date stamp as evidence. 


  • Built-in CMOS camera, with Audio
  • Hi- resolution: D1 (720x480)/ CIF(320x240)
  • Two shooting angles adjustable
  • Motion detection & Schedule recording
  • Micro SD card slot, supports up to 32GB
  • Hi-capacity Li-battery last for 7 hours
  • IR remote controller
  • Not included micro SD card

    Product : 026 | Plinth - Hidden Video Camcorder | Price/Unit : GBP 285.10


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