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Covert PIR Camera

Hidden Camera - Digital private eye

Capturing activity in your home while you are away has never been easier with our hidden camera.  Whether it's for the bedroom, the entrance hall, nursery or workshop, this motion activated camera will show you what's been going on while you're not there! This is a fabulous product which gives quality pictures at an affordable price.  Imagine the possibilities!

This fantastic hidden camera product is a simple and easy to install CCTV camera with a built in PIR motion detector and an SD card for simple to use plug and play technology.  You simply put in the SD card and plug in your power cable and it is ready for action! It takes stills every 3 seconds then you can simply put the SD card into your computer and view the activity!!  And if that's not enough to make you want this product, it also doubles up as a webcam!

It has been launched in association with Crimewatch UK so you know you can rest assured that it's a reputable and highly recommended home security product.  Don't delay, buy one today,  At this price it's hard to justify saying no!

View our video for more information:-

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Product : 017 | Covert camera and recorder - hidden still camera | Price/Unit : GBP 79.99


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