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Web Watcher

How it Works? 

Don't forget that ourkeyloggers are 100% invisible. With unparalleled invisibility technology, developed by ex-NSA (National Security Agency) programmers, we promise that you won't find a trace of our monitoring on any computer. Our keylogger software doesn't appear in the Registry, the Process List, the System Tray, the Task Manager, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove Programs. There aren't even visible files that can be seen - which is why it is being used by Law Enforcement agencies across the country!

WebWatcher is the best monitoring software because of how powerful of a tool it can be even with remote use. Our keylogger software is designed to be 100% remotely useable making it the most powerful keystroke logger ever! With our program you can:

Record all Facebook/MySpace activity
Read every email they send or receive
See every Instant Message or Chat they participate in (both sides of the conversation)
See every webpage they visit and how long they stay there
Block access to inappropriate websites (WebWatcher has the best block list in the world - guaranteed)
Capture every single keystroke they type with our keylogging
Limit access to what software programs can be used (block programs & set schedules for use)
Take Screenshots of their computer screen - allowing you to see everything they do including graphics and video
Monitor and control laptops no matter where they go! WebWatcher is the ONLY software that can remotely monitor and control all laptop activity no matter where in the world it travels. That's why it's being used by law enforcement agencies everywhere.
Monitor as many computers as you need to. Some companies and government agencies use WebWatcher to monitor thousands of PCs.
Be notified when "alert words" you choose are used in any communications.





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